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We keep our focus on our level so much, that we forget to look up.

Shit Nobody Says

(Via The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan.)

All things flow

about time. And Scotland shuts down because of wind, and I sit in a internet cafe and feel the world again.

Sunday Fun

Simpler then cricket šŸ˜‰

Action Movie meets Farming

Friends of mine put thsi together. Amazing.


All Virus Diseases Cured Forever. Sort of.

An Ode to Space

Space,Space,Space. She got it right, its like you want to have sex with Space itself. Be inside it & outside it, melding with it, humans with our mix of the magical and the mundane, becomes a part of a place, a living architecture, an atmosphere like no club I have ever been to. A rolling beat pulling us along with it. Becoming part of the music, the lights, beats, people, moves, the random limbo, the indoor areas that rained on us, the bouncers & their subtle torches, people hugging, here for the music, little of the constant sexual rat race that was Pasha. No, this was about us all worshipping together, modern hedonists of Party, of inhibitions sinking, and the comfortable buzz of every cell tingling. We wandered, blew up coloured balloons, high fived every human being who has ever existed. We are happy.

Superman as Alternate Power Source

Dyatlov Pass incident

Sounds ripe for conspiracy theorists. Pretty strange tale though…Ā 



Back from Holiday

Just back from Ibiza. Normal posting to begin again tomorrow!


Agora looks awesome.Ā 

The internet as the aestheticizationĀ of reality.



What Murdoch means to Journalism.Ā 

World’s most dangerous borders.

Space RaceĀ 





Alternate Theories for why Anal sex is becoming more popular amongst women.

Facebook as Excel!

Stanford Prison Guard Speaks


I like High Speed Rail too.

Deal with Prejudice.

Hollywood can’t do theĀ internet



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