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 Lift and hold up

limbs dusting under the pressure

of another day until it

grinds too deep and separates.

Then knowledge is known, igniting

and racing across the web of

a long-tired mind till through the

pressure release of empty eye

sockets tears of flaming lines shoot out,

burning ashen furrows along

the meadow of her face. She knows

they all know that in a box what

was is dimming.


It separates, subtle blue strings cut free randomly,

then floating till nothing and the shadow fades out.


River (2006)


Poetry Slam

A short story, continued on Page 2.

College Days (22/11/2006)


When impressions make shapes, the moon summons the blood and you must leave the room built of music and mood.

But there is no way out (the door as the wall) so you sit back and watch and wait for the fall.

River (2006)

Poetry Slam

A short story:

Days (10/02/2008) continued on Page 2:

Poetry Slam

I am going to start a regular posting of old and newer writing. Some of it will be poetry, some of it will be short stories. First one on Page 2:

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