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“I think I have a dead man’s boner.” Top comment for Dead Man Bone’s ‘Name in Stone’


“I want them to deliver my mail.” Top comment for Postal Service

“You can make a rubber band slightly heavier by stretching it.”

Max Tegmark giving the best example of E=MC2 I have ever read.

We keep our focus on our level so much, that we forget to look up.

Watching the world slide slowly back into recession without a fight, even though we know perfectly well how to prevent it, is just depressing beyond words. Our descendents will view the grasping politicians and cowardly bankers responsible for this about as uncomprehendingly as we now view the world leaders who cavalierly allowed World War I to unfold even though they could have stopped it at any time.

Kevin Drum

There is no statement so absurd that no philosopher will make it.



“It’s the perfect album for contemplating unicorns to.”

Tammy La Gorce in a Spotify review of Au Revoir Simone’s  “The Bird of Music”.

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